Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation For A Home: The Pros & Cons To Consider

Are you frustrated with cool air coming through the walls when you are trying to warm up your home? You may want to think about hiring a professional to place closed-cell spray foam insulation in the walls as a solution to the problem. Below, you will find out the pros of using closed-cell spray foam insulation, as well as the cons you should consider.

What Are the Pros of Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation for a House?

One of the pros provided by closed-cell spray foam insulation is the density. The cells of the foam are packed close enough to prevent water vapors from leaking into the interior of your walls. Water vapors can cause a lot of damage, so having the spray foam in place can help you avoid untimely repairs.

Another pro is how well the spray foam will prevent air from seeping through the walls. Air from the heating and cooling system will stay inside of your home, while air from the exterior will not seep in. You will end up with lower energy bills.

An important pro is how easy it is to get closed-cell spray foam installed without having to demolish any walls. A professional can create a small hole in the wall to access the wall cavity. He or she will then use commercial equipment to release the foam into the cavity, in which it will expand into tight spaces.

Are There Any Cons About Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation?

A con that you should consider about closed-cell spray foam insulation is how expensive it is. You should expect to pay more for it than other types of insulation because it has a high R-value, which means it is highly resistant to heat from the exterior of your home.

The amount of foam needed in the wall cavities also play a role in how expensive it is. For instance, due to closed-cell spray foam being so dense, the contractor will have to use more of it to insulate your home. The price of the spray foam will depend on who is hired for the job, and how many square feet are being insulated.

Investing in closed-cell spray foam insulation is a smart choice because the pros are far greater than the cons. You will have a home that is able to maintain a temperature that reflects what you have set on the thermostat, which means you won't have to run the heating and cooling system for as long.

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