2 Ways To Use Old Wooden Garage Door For Bedroom Projects

When the time comes to replace your old wooden garage doors with brand new ones from a company like Bicknell Garage Door, you might want to look for ways to reuse these old doors. While you could throw them out, there are dozens of ways you can repurpose them and turn them into useful, beautiful household items. Here are two ideas to consider using for your old wooden garage doors, and both items might be useful for your bedroom.


The first option is to turn this old piece of wood into a headboard. This is not hard to do and requires very few tools. Here are the steps you would need to complete for this project:

  • Determine the size you need – With a saw, you can cut the wood doors down to any size necessary. You may want to measure your bed first to see how wide it is, and you can base the size on this measurement.
  • Sand the wood – If the door is old, you should use a sander on the front side of the headboard to make the wood smooth and even. Make sure you sand the edges too, especially if you cut the edges with a saw.
  • Stain or paint the wood – Finally, you can paint or stain the wood door with any color you would like. You could keep it a natural wood color, or you could paint it black or white.
  • Hang it – Once it is finished, hang the headboard on your wall with large, thick screws. This piece of wood is probably extremely heavy, so you must make sure it is securely attached to your wall.

If you had two wooden doors, you could use one for the headboard, and you could use the other one to create a room divider.

Dressing Room Divider

A room divider can be used for a dressing area or for looks, and you can create one of these with an old garage door. A room divider is generally made of three sections of wood, which are connected with hinges.

If your garage door had panels on it, you could simply cut out a section of the door, making sure it contains three separate panels that are connected and equal in size. If the door was solid wood and did not have panels, you can cut out three panels of the wood. Once you do this, you can connect them with hinges.  

You can finish the divider by sanding it and then staining or painting it. If you make both projects for your room, you may want to finish them with the same color stain or paint.

There are so many ways you can repurpose old garage doors, and this is a great way to avoid throwing them away. If you are ready to purchase new garage doors so that you can begin on these projects, contact a company that sells and installs garage doors in your area.

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