How To Decorate An Outdoor Space On A Budget

If you're lucky enough to have an outdoor space—such as a yard, patio or porch—to call your own, make the most of it during warm months. You don't have to spend a lot of money to make the space a comfortable and welcoming place to spend time. With a little creativity and budget savviness, you can infuse the outdoor space with your own personal decor style. Bring a bit of the indoors out to create a cozy area that friends and family will love to hang out in.

Here are some wallet-friendly tips for decorating your outdoor space:

1. Lighting Elements

Give your outdoor living area an instant warm glow with budget-friendly lighting elements. You can hang rustic-looking metal candle lanterns from porch ceilings, or place them on tables as needed. Not only will the lanterns look decorative both day and night, they're easy to move around. Choose lantern colors, such as red or yellow, the coordinate with the overall look of the space.

You can also hang inexpensive string lights around railings to give the area a quaint, romantic feel. The lights come in a variety of shapes and colors, so choose the design that you like best. You can also customize the light colors to reflect a particular holiday, such as orange and purple for Halloween. 

2. Floor Coverings

Another way to instantly give an outdoor space a more welcoming feel is with floor coverings. If you have a space, such as a front porch, that is protected from the elements, cover the floor with a rug you aren't using anymore. A soft rug featuring a vibrant hue or interesting pattern will breathe life into a boring porch, while also providing comfort. 

If your space isn't covered but you'd still like to enhance the floor, look for rug that are rated for outdoor use.

3. Wall Decor

Give your porch a homey feel by hanging wall decor that you either aren't using anymore, or that you find at flea markets and other second-hand retailers. Hang an eye-catching mirror to reflect sunlight and give the illusion of a window.

Hang handmade seasonal decor, such as wreaths, as a festive touch. Wrought iron wall sconces are also ideal for displaying potted plants and pillar candles.

4. Seating Options

Place comfortable seating options in the space so that you can relax with friends or enjoy an outdoor meal. A small bistro set won't take up much space and is a romantic spot for dinner for two. 

If you have an old wicker love seat or chair set, update it with a couple coats of outdoor paint for a brand new look. Water-resistant cushions will add both comfort and visual interest. 

For further assistance, contact professionals, such as those from Land Concepts Inc.

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