Three Different Types Of Insulation To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Home

If you want to get more energy efficiency in your home, insulation can help. Spray foam insulation is a great material to use for this, but you may not want to use it everywhere. Spray insulation is ideal for areas like wall cavities, rafters in the attic and floor joists. In some areas of your home, like between windows, you may want to use a different type of insulation like conventional batten insulation. Here are three of different types of insulation that you can use in different areas of your home:

1. Using Spray Foam Insulation In Cavities

Spray foam insulation is a good material to use for different cavities in the structure of your home.  It can be added between studs in areas like basements, in the joists between floors and in the attic between rafters. It is a strong material that will not only improve energy efficiency, but will also help to add structural integrity to your home. It is not good to use between things like windows, doors and finish work. This is because it expands and can damage wood trim and cause problems like moving windows out of level.

2. Spray Insulation Materials For Attic And Ceiling Insulation

There are also loose spray in insulation materials that can be good for areas like attics. These materials can be fiberglass or even recycled paper products. They have the benefit of allowing you to choose the amount of insulation you have installed, which with a thick layer of insulation, you will have a better insulation value (R-value).

3. Batten Between Window, Doors And Wood Trim

Batten insulation is the conventional rolls of fiberglass insulation material. It has many benefits and is an ideal insulation to use for insulating sensitive areas like around doors and windows. It does not expand and will not damage finish work. It can also be used in areas where ventilation is needed. It is an ideal material where spray foam insulation cannot be used. Batten insulation is a good alternative for spray foam for areas like around windows, in the attic and areas of your home where good ventilation is important.

These are some of the different types of insulation and where to use them to improve the energy efficiency of your home. If you want to add spray foam insulation, contact an insulation contractor like Energy Home Insulation Inc and have them install the insulation you need for your home.  

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