Not Getting Enough Heat? Central Heating Installation May Be to Blame

Not all central heating installs are created equally. The previous owner could have hired an amateur installer or performed heating and air conditioning installations on their own. Decades could have passed, leaving wear and tear that changes the way your heating systems work because the units weren't installed in permanent fixtures. If your heating system seems to be producing enough heat, but not distributing it properly, consider a few installation failures and maintenance issues that could be at the cause.

Poor Ventilation Due to Placement

Heating units--or any system that circulates air--needs to have available space or intake and exhaust. It isn't unheard of for the rushing installer or the amateur home hobbyist to place the heating unit a bit too close to a wall or other solid surface.

If the unit's intake vents are too close to a solid surface, air won't be able to move into the system as quickly as it needs to. With less air going in, your heating unit won't be able to distribute enough air to move at a useful speed and distance.

Moving the heating unit is no simple task. Many heating systems are secured with a mounting frame and screws that need to be removed, often with a lot of wall removal involved. If you're lucky enough to have a wall unit that simply pops out of a built-in socket, you'll still need to figure out how to make the connection area deeper.

Either look for a deeper wall cavity to install the heater or contact a heating repair professional. A professional heating technician can do a better job at locating a suitable location, figuring out workaround such as connection tubes and additional ductwork or finding a new heating unit more suitable for your needs.

Check The Filter Installation

In order to keep airflow clean and efficient, air filters are necessary for blocking out debris. For heating systems, debris can both slow down the flow of air and create a smokey atmosphere as the debris burns.

If your heater fans are running at what seems to be a normal speed and the heat seems to be proper at the actual unit, look to the filter for blockage. Depending on installation, your filters may have a hard time keeping up with the cleaning demands.

Air intake systems shouldn't be installed in a place with high amounts of dust buildup (compared to the rest of the room or building). Make sure that heating units aren't exposed to dirt, rust, or other crumbling materials that could be sucked up and resupplied on a daily basis.

You may have an infestation problem that introduces food waste, droppings, or other debris that isn't easily visible. Contact a heating repair professional like Lowry Services: Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling to get a closer look with a few inspection practices that come from years of experience.

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