3 Tips For Pruning Lilacs

If you have a lilac plant in your yard, you probably know by now that it needs proper care. The following tips will help you keep that plant pruned and promote its health and vitality.

Choose the Right Time for Pruning

The first thing you should know about pruning lilac bushes is when to start. If you have a new lilac bush, leave it alone until it is several feet tall. If you try to prune it prematurely, you could affect its ability to keep growing tall and healthy. You will know it is time to prune it when the flowers on your mature lilac bush have just started to fade in color. This is when the flower buds will be set for the next season, so it is an ideal time for pruning.

Prune Your Lilac Bushes

Now that you know the right time to prune, it is time to go to work! Make sure that you only remove a small amount of the stems every year. This helps the plant rejuvenate and develop new stems but also allow some of the older stems to bloom. Follow these tips for pruning your lilac bushes:

  • Find the thickest stems on the bush and start pruning them. You don't have to remove them completely, but they need to be trimmed down.
  • Completely remove any branches or stems that show signs of rotting or are diseased. They will look ashy, have holes in them, or look completely dead.
  • Use an outward facing bud shape to prune the remaining stems in the lilac bush. This will allow more branching to create a fuller lilac bush.

Rejuvenate Old Lilac Bushes

If you have an older lilac bush that is only flowering near the top, you don't necessarily have to get rid of it. The quickest way to restore it is to start by cutting back the entire bush until it stands just a few inches to the ground, or about half a foot. Do this in the early spring season, and you will start seeing new shoots growing. During this growing season and throughout the summer, keep letting it grow and avoid any major pruning. By the following year, you will once again be able to prune regularly.

With these tips, you can keep your lilac bushes growing strong with beautiful flowers each and every year. Remember to prune as often as needed to keep it healthy. Companies like Koster Stockyard Sales and Equipment Rental can help with the supplies you need to care for your lilac bushes properly.

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