Different Types Of Asphalt Maintenance Processes Available To Repair Your Parking Lot

Does the asphalt on your parking lot look worn out? Then you need to hire a service in order to get it repaired. A delay in repairs might cause inconsistencies in the parking lot asphalt. That's because the forces exerted by vehicles will propagate the inconsistencies. Consequently, there might be bigger repair bills down the line, and it could possibly damage some vehicles that use your parking lot. To figure out how your parking lot can be repaired, take a look at the following methodologies:


This process aims to remove a chunk of asphalt all the way to the sub-layer, and then replace it with brand new asphalt. Patching is used when simply laying new asphalt on top of worn out asphalt will not fix the problem.

For example, this could be because of a collapsed sub-layer patch. Or, the presence of a tree root that is growing out of the sub-layer and causing the asphalt to crack. The sub layer has to be strengthened before the new asphalt can be laid.


A sealcoating can increase the lifetime of your parking lot asphalt by up to 300%. It's a combination of chemicals that provide a protective barrier between the asphalt and the environment. Therefore, it can protect against weathering effects, oil and salt. 

The sealcoating can reduce the need and frequency with which your parking lot needs maintenance work. This makes it a wise investment, because the cost of the sealcoating is likely to be lower than the cost of the repairs it's preventing. For best results, it is advisable to have sealcoating applied on your parking lot around every 3 to 4 years.

Geotextile Fabrics

If you need to have asphalt removed and relayed again, then opting for a geotextile fabric layer on top of the sub-layer is advantageous. This layer glues the asphalt to the sub-layer so that there is no lateral movement. The result is an asphalt layer that is more stable, which means it can withstand stronger pressures before cracking.

Full Depth Reclamation

The most costly of all repairs is a full depth reclamation. That's because all the asphalt needs to be removed to strengthen the sub-flooring. For example, if the sub-flooring is too soft, then a concrete layer will be added to provide a hard base.

The good news is that your old asphalt can be recycled when undergoing a full depth reclamation, which can reduce the costs of this maintenance project significantly. To learn more about parking lot repairs, speak with someone like Hals Construction.

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