Why You Should Consider A Carport Made From Aluminum

A carport is the ideal solution if you want to protect your car from the sun and rain, but don't have a garage. You can get a carport made from steel, wood, or aluminum. Aluminum carports are popular because of the advantages they offer. Here's a look at why you should consider buying an aluminum carport.

How Aluminum Compares To Wood

One of the best features of aluminum is that it requires very little care, especially compared to the amount of maintenance required to keep wood in good shape. Wood decomposes over time. It can be damaged by moisture, rot, mold, and insects. To keep it looking nice, you have to scrape off peeling paint and apply new paint every few years.

Aluminum does not break down like wood and it isn't destroyed by insects. It is also fire and water resistant. While you can paint an aluminum carport if you want to change the color, you don't need to paint it to keep it looking nice. You can buy aluminum with dye added during the manufacturing process so it is locked into the material and won't peel off. This gives you a wide-range of color choices, so you can find a carport that matches the color of your house.

How Aluminum Compares To Steel

The main drawback of steel is that it rusts. To maintain a steel carport, you have to inspect it regularly and fix scratches and dents before they begin to rust. Screws in the steel are particularly prone to developing rust since water collects in the depressions. Once rust sets in, you'll have to remove it with a wire brush or sander and then prime and paint the steel.

Aluminum doesn't rust, so there is no maintenance required for it except to make repairs if you crash into the carport. Aluminum is also very lightweight when compared with steel. That makes it easier for you to build your own carport from a DIY kit. Since it's lightweight, aluminum can be custom made into a variety of shapes and styles, some of which can be suspended from the side of your home like an awning.

A carport is an excellent parking solution when you don't have a garage, or when your garage is used for storage. A carport made from aluminum is the ideal choice if you want something you can have installed and then forget about taking care of, since it holds its original appearance for years.

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