3 Tips To Get Ready For A Chimney Cleaning

According to the National Fire Protection Association, you should have your chimney cleaned at least once per year. Doing so will help prevent problems with your chimney and can save you money on chimney repair, and it can also help ensure that your chimney is safe for use. 

Since it's such a dirty job, it's best to hire a professional (such as those from Excel Chimney & Fireplace Service) to clean your chimney out. Plus, this will give your chimney repair expert the chance to inspect your chimney and find any potential problems. However, even if you are leaving the job up to the professionals, it's best to ensure that you are fully prepared. These are a few things that you should do before having your chimney cleaned and inspected.

1. Move Items Out of the Room

Move as many things out of the room that your fireplace is in as possible. Furniture that could be easily stained by soot, rugs that could become ruined and other items that could be easily stained should be put elsewhere if you can. Even items that can be wiped down -- such as photos in glass frames and small knick-knacks -- should be removed if you want to make cleanup easier for yourself.

2. Use Plastic Sheeting

Look for plastic drop cloths, such as the ones that painters use, so that you can protect what is left in the room. Cover up any heavy furniture that cannot be moved or that you don't have space for elsewhere. Then, toss these drop cloths down on the floor for protection.

3. Protect the Rest of Your Flooring

Along with protecting the flooring in the room that your fireplace is in, you should also think about the rest of the flooring in your home. The soot that comes out of your fireplace can easily be tracked through the house, so you should use carpet remnants, plastic sheets or sheets of cardboard to create a "path" to and from the exterior doors in your home. Then, both the person who is inspecting and sweeping your chimney and you and your family members can avoid staining or dirtying your flooring. 

Preparing for a chimney cleaning is pretty easy, since most of the hard work will be done by the person who is inspecting and cleaning your chimney. If you follow these tips, however, you can avoid having a big mess in your home during and after. 

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