3 Dumpster Rental Tips That You Should Know Before Your Home Renovation Project

If you are currently planning on renting a dumpster for your upcoming home renovation project, you should know that you are making a smart decision. Renting a dumpster can be a great way to ensure that all of the garbage and construction debris from a renovation project is properly handled and disposed of, and it can make things a whole lot simpler and more convenient throughout the project's entire duration. However, it is important to know what to expect when renting a dumpster for one of these projects. These are a few things that you might not have thought of but that you should be prepared for when renting a dumpster for use outside of your home.

1. Others Will Probably Want to Use It

When planning for a dumpster for your project, you might just be thinking about the size of dumpster that you think you will need for your own part of the project, such as cleaning, organizing and getting rid of unwanted items. However, if you are planning on having the assistance of various construction contractors on your property, you should know that they might not have their own garbage disposal plans in mind. This means that everyone who is working on your home might be planning on using your rented dumpster, so you should plan on renting a larger dumpster than you think you might need, and you may want to talk to your dumpster rental company about having the dumpster dumped more frequently throughout the duration of your project to help prevent an overload.

2. More Convenient Isn't Always Better

When it comes to the location where the dumpster is placed, more convenient isn't always better. Although it might seem nice to have the dumpster placed right outside of your back door, you should consider the damage that the dumpster might do to your lawn and the damage that might be done by the truck that will drop off and pick up the dumpster. Also, consider how the dumpster might get in the way when materials are being picked up and dropped off at your home. In many cases, it is better to have the dumpster placed at a reasonable distance away from your home, even if it does require a longer walk for you and your contractors.

3. You Might Need Help With Access

Don't assume that you will be able to easily access the dumpster on your own. Many dumpsters are tall, especially those that are designed for big home renovation projects and other similar jobs. Consider asking the dumpster rental company for steps that you can use, or use crates or wood to create a set of steps that will allow you to easily deposit unwanted materials in your rented dumpster.

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