Choosing A Hardware Store For A B2B Buying Arrangement

For those who are buying materials in hardware stores to supply a contracting business, a number of considerations are important. Check out this list of tips for going with a particular shop to understand how many small business buyers make procurement decisions.   

Loading up on Construction Materials

When it comes to an ongoing buying process, the location of a hardware store is critically important. It determines how much time and gas money will be spent each time materials have to be ordered and picked up. So in many cases, a hardware store owner on a contractor's side of town can offer a more valuable working relationship than one that is several dozen miles away. Just as physical contractors bill "per diem" rates for travel to and from a work site, they also need to factor in materials and supplies runs.

Finding Pipe Fittings, Joints, Lumber Pieces, and More

Some contractors and other customers actually choose a hardware store partially based on the store's layout and how it presents products. In some big-box stores, for example, it can be exceedingly difficult to find specific small items that have to be ordered on a case-by-case basis. A buyer might choose a store where there's more staff on hand to answer questions, or where materials are more clearly laid out according to various categories.

Contractor Discounting

Hardware stores may offer special deals to return customers, to entice them to remain loyal. Large bulk customers are very important to the success of a hardware store or chain, and so providers are going to court them to a certain extent. A hardware store may even employ a "buyer agent" to develop and maintain relationships with small business customers or other bulk customers, to develop a better deal structure long-term.

Supplying the Modern Contractor

Another big consideration for choosing a hardware store is the stock that it chooses to keep onsite.

For example, a carpenter's contractor shop may routinely need certain kinds of tools, as well as specially constructed braces, joints or other metal pieces. When a shopper continually stocks these, it's going to be much easier and quicker for the contractor to get what's needed in the field.


Some hardware stores will also specialize in certain trades materials. This makes it easier to source a supply chain for a shop from a specific store or chain.

All of these details can guide a buying agreement between a hardware store and its long-term customers. By taking advantage of how hardware stores compete in a community, a small business can save a lot of money in its supply chain, or pass materials savings on to customers. Contact a local ooutlet, such as A & B Malibu Plumbing, for further assistance.

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