2 Ways To Prevent Weeds In Your Walkway Or Patio

Using pavers is an easy way to get the patio or walkway that you want. There are endless ways that you can design your patio or walkway because there is such a variety in sizes and shapes of pavers. You can design the perfect walkway or patio for your house and your needs. However, there are some problems that you might eventually run into. One of them is weeds popping up in between your pavers. Luckily, there are things that you can do to keep the weeds from growing there. 

Ground Cover

This works especially well for walkways. Putting some kind of ground cover in between the pavers or stones can instantly make your walkway feel older and really change the entire look of it. It also works well to keep weeds down. Various mosses work really well. There are also herbs like sage that have ground-hugging varieties that you can put in between the pavers. An added bonuse is that they smell really good when you step on them. If you choose a ground cover, make sure to plant it in several places at the same time. Ground cover plants tend to grow fast, but the more places you start it, the faster it fills all those spaces. 


When your patio or walkway was created, it should have been placed on a sand or gravel base. This makes sure that there is proper drainage in between the pavers and makes sure that the patio is level. Sand should have also been placed between each paver and then compacted into place. However, that sand can wash away, giving weeds a space to take root. One kind of sand to try out is polymeric sand. This sand has been impregnated with a polymer that is water activated. After the sand is placed in between the pavers, you should wet it down with a hose. That causes the polymer to activate and lock the sand in place. That also has the added benefit of helping to lock the pavers in place. You should be able to find this sand at home improvement stores. 

If you see any weeds in between your pavers, you should pull them as soon as possible. You don't want them to go to seed in your patio because that's a sure way to get more weeds. Weeds are survivors and don't need any real nurturing to survive. Using weed prevention methods from the very beginning will help to make sure that they don't get the foothold they need in order to destroy your walkway or patio. 

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