How to Lay Engineered Hardwood Floors

The great thing about hardwood floors is that they are so easy to install. They can be installed over just about any type of subfloor. Of course, some wood floors are easier to install than others. Engineered floors are the easiest to install. In fact, many homeowners get engineered floors at a home improvement store and then install them on their own. The installation is not very difficult and you don't need many power tools. This article will explain how to install engineered hardwood floors.

Using Construction-Grade Floor Adhesive

Laying the hardwood down is actually very easy. You don't need any power tools to attach the pieces. Most hardwood floors have a modular design so the pieces can snap together without any screws or glues. First, make sure you have the proper construction adhesive for your type of subfloor. For instance, concrete and wooden subfloors require different types of adhesives. For the best results you want to apply the adhesive to the bottom of the wooden planks and the subfloor. Apply thin coats to both surfaces instead of applying one thick coat to the subfloor.

Snapping the Pieces Together

To start, lay the first piece down onto the floor with the groove facing out. The tongue of the next piece will then slide into the groove of the floor piece. Once the tongue is in place, snap it flat. Then, you will need to lightly knock the plank tight with a rubber mallet to close the seam. This process starts to go much quicker as you figure out the quickest way to snap the pieces together by sliding them together at the perfect angle every time.

Cutting the Boards

The hardest part of the whole installation is cutting the boards when they reach a wall or other obstruction. You definitely need to use a miter saw for these cuts. For the best results you should have two people working on the job. One person should be on the floor installing the boards and taking measurements. The other can man the saw and make the appropriate cuts. This way the person on the floor does not need to get up and down between every cut. It will streamline the process and ensure that your cuts are accurate.

You don't need to be a hardwood specialist to successfully install engineered floors. But with a little bit of practice and the right tools, your floors will look like they were actually installed by professionals. After your floor is all finished, don't forget to look for a floor cleaning service in Los Angeles, CA or your area to keep the wood looking like new.

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