Pros And Cons Of Different Types Of Skylight Windows

Skylights are a great way to bring added light and potential ventilation into your home. If you are interested in installing a skylight, there are a few different styles available.  Each style has its own pros and cons to consider before your meeting with your general contractor.


Do you simply want more natural light in a room that already has enough ventilation? A fixed skylight might work for your needs. Fixed skylights can include a relatively large window and can be installed in areas that you can't reach since the skylight doesn't need to open.

Fixed skylights can work on either slanted or relatively flat roofing segments, depending on what you would like to view out the window. Note that even a "flat" skylight has a slope to keep rain and snow from accumulating on the glass, which poses a potential hazard due to the weight.


A ventilating skylight looks similar to a smaller fixed skylight but includes the ability to crank the window open. The window doesn't open fully, but rather cracks open a bit to let in fresh air while letting out any moisture or unpleasant odors.

Ventilating skylights are great in kitchens or bathrooms that don't have enough ventilation provided by existing windows or fans. The skylights can be placed in areas you can't reach since motorized operation is available. Or you can put the skylight lower on a sloping roof, such as the attic or an upper bedroom, and then operate the skylight by hand.


Want to bring light into a smaller room on a lower story of your home? A fixed skylight isn't an option because the room has another story between the room and the roof. But you aren't out of luck on bringing in some natural light.

Tubular skylights involve running what looks like a circular vent through your roof and walls into the room in question. The tube is designed to capture the sunlight from the roof and diffuse it down through the tube for maximum lighting.

Tubular skylights also have the ability to multitask since exhaust fans can be attached to the tube. The added ventilation would help in the bathroom, kitchen, or even the attic where the tube first enters your home.

Are you unsure if your room is a candidate for a tubular skylight? Contact a general contractor like ULF & Associates, LLC for a consultation, and ask whether your room is right for a tubular setup. Your contractor might also have suggestions for other setups or rooms that would be better candidates for your light and ventilation purposes.

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