Things To Consider When Planning The Wiring In Your New Kitchen

If you are currently planning on building a new home, you might be putting some thought into the arrangement and design of your new kitchen. Along with worrying about the fun stuff like your flooring choices and your paint colors, you also have to think about more practical things, such as your kitchen wiring. These are a few things that you should think about when planning the wiring in your new kitchen.

Choose GFCI Electrical Outlets

First of all, you should always choose GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets for the kitchen. This is probably required by your local codes, and is important in areas of the home where the outlets might be exposed to water, for safety reasons. These are the electrical outlets that feature red and blue buttons on the face of the outlet. Basically, your outlet will trip itself to help prevent a fire in the event that the outlet gets wet, such as while you're washing dishes or if you have a dishwasher leak.

Install Ample Outlets

One thing that a lot of people don't even think about when installing wiring in their new kitchens is that it's a good idea to add a few more electrical outlets than you think you need. A lot of homeowners find themselves trying to deal with too few electrical outlets in the kitchen, which can be a pain.

Check out the areas of your kitchen that you will be using for food preparation, and consider installing additional outlets so that you can use your electric can opener, handheld or stand mixer, and other appliances. Also, consider the areas of your kitchen where you will be storing your coffee maker and your toaster oven. You might have obviously already thought about where you will be using your electrical stove and refrigerator and may have kept these things in mind when planning your wiring, but it pays to think about your small appliances and food preparation needs during the planning process. Then, you can help ensure that your kitchen is as functional and efficient as possible, which can help you enjoy it that much more when you move in.

Unless you have an electrical background, you will need to work with an electrical contractor like E.J. Gray Electric when planning the wiring for your new kitchen. Considering these things while doing so can help you enjoy the perfect wiring situation in your kitchen once the project has been completed.

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