Own And Maintain A Rental? 3 Ways To Make Paint Work To Your Advantage

Whether you live in your basement and rent out of the main floor, rent out your basement and live above, or rent out an entire single-family home, managing a rental comes with the same responsibilities. It is necessary to provide each tenant with a clean home, which means no faded paint, stained carpets, dust, or mold. However, your maintenance costs can add up quickly with repainting after each tenancy. It is best to find a way to make paint work to your advantage, as opposed to being a consistent large expense.

Paint the Walls in a Neutral Color, But Not White

White is a common color for people to use with their rentals, but it does have a few disadvantages. White is one of the worst colors at hiding dirtiness and imperfections. Although you should not make it a goal to hide things, you do not want your tenants to feel like they are living in a dirty home. Paint colors such as gray or beige are neutral enough to fit in with any design scheme, but are easier to keep looking clean.

Opt for Moderate Sheen to Maximize Longevity                                                       

Flat or eggshell finish are popular for primary living areas and most bedrooms, but you could still end up spending a lot of money on repainting after just one lease with a tenant. It is better to minimize risk by choosing a finish with moderate sheen, such as semi-gloss, which is able to be scrubbed clean. Not only can your tenants take care of the walls on their own when it happens to get dirty, but you can include wall cleaning in a full house cleaning service to get your property ready for renting again.

Get a Bright White to Make the Trim Shine

Crown molding, floor molding, door trim, and window trim are all going to stand out in your home. However, with a standard white, they may not stand out enough to make a superb impression. To make the trim and molding stand out as much as possible, you should paint it bright white. Snow white and cool white are two examples of the shininess that you should look to achieve.

Managing a rental home does come with a moderate amount of maintenance and repair costs, which naturally eat into your profits, so it makes sense to keep these costs to a minimum. Making paint work to your advantage is one way to cut down on expenses and still showcase a beautiful rental property. Contact a painting service, such as M.S. Service Inc., for more information.   

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