3 Natural Solutions For An Environmentally-Friendly, Natural New Roof

If your home needs a new roof, you may be considering many different types of materials to replace your old shingles. Natural roofing materials like wood shakes or slate can be beneficial in many ways, such as being energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly. There are also newer systems like a green living roof with soil and plants. Here are some of the natural, environmentally-friendly solutions you may want to consider for your new roof:

1. Roof With A Natural Renewable Resource Using Wood Shakes

If you want to have a roof that is completely made of a renewable resource, shake roofs can be a good solution. These wood roofs offer you green natural roofing that is sustainable. The wood materials that shakes are made from come from sustainable forestry. This type of roofing is one of the few that is completely renewable. They are also very durable and will last for many years with a minimal amount of care.

2. Give Your Look A Natural Stone Look Using Slate Tile Roofing

You may also want to consider materials for your roof that are durable and give your home a natural look. Slate roofing tiles can be a good solution if you want to have a roof that will last and is energy-efficient. With slate, you will need to have a roof structure to support the weight, but there are also synthetic options made from recycled materials if you do not want to invest in improvements to install real slate tiles on your home.

3. Green Living Roofs That Provide Greenspace And Insulation For Your Home

Another option that you may want to consider for an environmentally-friendly roof is a green living covering for your home. Green roofing consists of a layer of membrane, drainage material, soil and plants. If you want a modern solution with a contemporary look that integrates nature into the design, this can be a good solution. Green roofs can provide your home with greenspace and thermal barrier to reduce energy loss significantly.

These are some of the natural and environmentally-friendly solutions you may want to consider for replacing your old asphalt shingles. If your home is in need of a new roof, contact a roofing contractor and talk with them about environmentally-friendly roofing materials for your home. They can help you choose an environmentally-friendly roofing solution that is right for your home and for your budget. Contact a company like McCullers Roofing for more information. 

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