Three Steps For Maintaining Your New Brick Pavers

Brick pavers make it easy for you to create a decorative finish on your patio. It's important that you know how to care for these pavers, though. The sooner you start taking care of them after installation, the better condition they'll stay in over time. Here are some of the things you should know to help keep your pavers looking their best.

Routine Cleaning

Keeping the pavers clean helps to reduce the chances of anything seeping through the porous surface and staining or discoloring them. In addition, the abrasive nature of dirt will lead to wear on the surface of the pavers if you don't keep them clean.

Make sure you sweep the pavers daily or at least every other day so that you don't have any dirt buildup that can grind into the surface. If anything spills on the surface, soak it up with something absorbent, like kitty litter. This helps to reduce the risk of any discoloration or staining.

Annual Heavy Cleaning

Along with the routine daily cleaning of your pavers, you should plan for a heavy cleaning once a year using a power washer. This eliminates any residual dirt that has settled into crevices below the paver surface. Using a power washer will make it easy to get that deep clean that you need without causing damage to the paver or its foundation.

You'll want to plan to have additional filler material on hand, though. That way you can fill in the spaces between the pavers if any filler washes away while you're cleaning. Don't use any acid-based cleaners or a sandblaster to clean the pavers. Sandblasting can crack the pavers and acid-based cleaners will lead to discoloration.

Surface Sealing

Once a year, after the cleaning, you should seal the surface of the pavers. Let them dry completely after washing, then apply a brick sealant that protects against ultraviolet rays. This sealant will help you keep staining at bay and it may even keep weeds from sprouting up between the pavers. The sealing process is best immediately following a deep cleaning, because the paver surface must be clean for the sealant to work properly.

Brick pavers are a great investment for a long-lasting decorative feature in your backyard. If you're looking to add beauty and functionality, this is the way to do it. Now that you know how to take care of them, you'll be better prepared to have these pavers installed and keep them looking their best. Contact a business, such as American Pressure Cleaning & Sealing, for more information. 

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