Answers To A Couple Of Common Questions About Air Conditioning System Problems

Ensuring that your home's air conditioning system works as efficiently as possible is critical for keeping your home comfortable and your energy expenses reasonable. Unfortunately, these sophisticated systems may suffer a range of problems that you will need to address. As a result, you may benefit from having a couple of questions concerning routine air conditioning problems answered.

Why Is The Unit Making Clunking Or Grinding  Sounds When It Is Running?

Hearing your air conditioning system making loud noises can be stressful because you may be concerned about the cost of repairs for this issue. If your unit is making grinding or clunking sounds, you will want to avoid using the unit until it has been serviced by a professional. These sounds can indicate that the mechanical parts are suffering damage. By continuing to run the unit, you may greatly worsen this damage, which can make repairing the unit far more expensive.

Grinding sounds coming from the unit can indicate that dirt or other debris has become lodged in the moving parts of the unit. If you continue to run the system without having these substances removed, these materials can cause the parts to become jammed or severely warped. Clunking or banging sounds may indicate that an internal component has come loose. These loose components can collide with the other internal components of the system, which can cause extensive damages. If these parts damage the unit's primary fan or motor, it may be necessary to replace this part of the system.

What Is Causing The Air Conditioner To Ice Over?

Discovering that your air conditioner unit is coated in a thick sheet of ice can be a disturbing find to make, and it is important for you to be aware that this can be a potentially serious problem for your unit to encounter. If you continue to run the air conditioner with this layer of ice, you can cause the motor to burn out or the pipes that circulate the coolant to rupture. There can be a number of issues that can lead to this potential problem. In particular, if the coils of the unit become dirty, they can prevent condensate from evaporating. Eventually, this condensate can freeze, which will gradually form a sheet of ice that can prevent the unit from working. To minimize the risk of encountering this problem, you should make sure to have your air conditioner professionally cleaned and serviced each summer. 

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