Ready To Flip Your First House? What To Know About Construction Debris

Are you getting ready to flip your first house, but you are surprised by the cost of getting rid of all the debris? Before you start any construction projects or start to rip anything out of the property, there are some things you'll want to consider doing.

You can minimize the amount of stuff you take to the dump, which is going to save money and help you be environmentally conscious. Set up and do the following before you start construction on the house.

Offer a Pickup Day

Offer a pickup day where people can come to pick up items from the house that they want. You can even list some items for sale, or just enjoy the money you'll save not having to get the items to the dump. You can easily market this option the following ways:

  • Online classified ads and garage sale sites
  • Signs explaining a free estate or material sale
  • In the local newspaper

Then, people can come in and haul away the items that you don't want. This can be anything from appliances to tiles. Set things out at the side of the road to see if someone stops and picks them up.

Scrap and Recycle

The items that are left behind that can be recycled should be, and this saves you money because it minimizes the size of dumpster that is needed. You can recycle anything from metal at a local scrap yard, to the ripped-out wood that can go to a local lumber yard. Look at the local recycling centers and options to see what you can get rid of before the dumpster arrives.


All debris that can't be recycled or passed on to someone else will have to be dumped. Having a dumpster dropped off so you can fill it as the construction process is underway is often the easiest. If you don't want a dumpster in front of your house, you can call a company to come and pick everything up at once.

Knowing how to get rid of the interior and exterior components that you don't want is going to affect how profitable you are when you go to sell the house after construction is completed. Make sure that you do everything you can to get rid of it for free before you get the dumpster to the property, and then you can get a smaller, more affordable dumpster. Contact a company like Ware Disposal for information on construction recycling and dumpster rental.

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