How to Go About Treating Broken Garage-Door Cables

Although garage doors are generally considered quite resilient, there are a number of mechanical issues that can make your life a bit more difficult and that can make your garage door difficult to open or close. Among the problems that you can face when it comes to your garage door is that the door's cables can weaken and eventually break. Read on and discover just how to go about treating garage-door cables that are broken or on the verge of breaking.

Figure Out Whether Your Garage-Door Cables Are Having Trouble

If you notice that there is a bit of a screeching or a high-pitched sound that accompanies your garage door opening, then this is most likely a sign that the cables are weakening and might even be on the verge of snapping. This sound is, quite literally, the sound of the fibers of the garage-door cable beginning to wear, thin, and slowly snap. An even more definitive sign that your garage-door cables are beginning to weaken is the fact that you might have some trouble opening the door. If both of these factors are occurring, then check your garage-door cables, which are located near the very top rollers of the door. If you notice that they are discolored or are simply clearly thinning, then you have reason to worry.

Be Cautious Around Damaged Cables

Although damaged cables may seem like a simple annoyance, they can pose a very real danger to you and your family. When your garage-door cables snap, this can place an undue strain on the springs that operate your garage door. When your garage-door cables snap, this issue can also cause your spring to fly across the garage. This can occur at a very high speed and can cause injury to you, a loved one, or a family pet in addition to items in your garage. A snapped cable will also cause your door to fly shut if it is in the open position, and this can cause injury to anyone underneath the door.

Replace the Cables

First and foremost, remove the damaged cable. You can purchase new garage-door cables at any local and trusted hardware store. Thread the new cable through the hole labeled for the cable that runs along the garage door's frame horizontally. After threading the cable through completely, loop it through the garage-door spring, which should be located at the top of your door's frame, and then loop it back around to where you began. Ensure that the cable is secure by attaching a cable clamp to it.

If you would prefer that a garage-door contractor take care of this issue for you, go to websites of professionals in your area to contact them. 

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