Simple Safety Rules To Follow With Your Rented Roll-Off Container During Property Cleanup

Whether you are in the middle of cleaning up a rental property or you are doing a bit of construction work on your home, having a receptacle to house all of the waste and debris on site is an absolute advantage. However simple it may seem to fill up a large rented waste container with trash during property cleanup, there is always room for error that could lead to injury — especially if you have little experience with these rented containers. To make sure you stay safe and avoid injury with the roll-off container on your property, there are a few basic safety rules to keep in mind. 

1. Make sure to keep the area around the roll-off container cleaned up and free of trip hazards. 

If you are like most property owners during a cleanup project, having a roll-off dumpster on site will mean countless trips to the container with armloads of debris to toss in and you may not always be able to see what is on the ground around you. Therefore, it is highly important to clean as you go and keep the area around the receptacle cleaned up as you work. This will also be helpful when the receptacle is retrieved by the waste management company.

2. Avoid back, neck, and arm strain by placing a small step-up beside the container. 

Roll-off dumpsters can be tall, especially if you opt for a larger container. The height of the side walls can mean that you will be lifting trash over your head to toss it inside the container. This repeated action could easily land you with back, neck, and arm strain. So it is a good idea to place a small and sturdy stepping stool or even a few concrete cinder blocks right next to the container so you can step up and avoid having to lift things above your head. 

3. Wear heavy gloves when placing items in the container to avoid hand injuries. 

Shards of glass, lumber, tree limbs, sheet metal — all of these are examples of what may find its way into your rented container. The last thing you want to do is jab your hand when you are tossing other items into the dumpster. For this reason, it is best to keep your hands protected with a good heavy pair of leather work gloves when you are handling the debris and placing it inside of the container. 

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