Water Without A Pool: Three Landscaping Designs Featuring Water

If you like the idea of having water on your property, but can't afford an inground pool, and you're not near a brook or stream, then you should hire a landscaper and have them design a water feature. These are beautiful additions to your backyard that will add a great deal of visual interest. They are perfect for when you want to sit outside and relax and want something nice to look at. Here are three ideas to discuss with your landscaper.

A Koi Pond

If you like fish and don't mind taking care of them, then you might like a koi pond. These can be small  or very large. It depends on how much space in your backyard you want to devote to it. These ponds are popular with people who like Asian style landscaping design. If you really want to turn your backyard into a Japanese style garden, you can have small wooden bridges pass over the ponds. You should also speak to your landscaper and have them set up stands to hold pots containing bonsai. You can get bonsai that are already developed. This way, you don't have to wait years and spend time trimming a bonsai. A nice cherry blossom tree in the corner of the yard, along with the koi pond, wooden walkway bridge, and some stands with bonsai, and you will have yourself a perfect, Asian style garden.

The ponds can either be constructed using a vinyl liner dropped over a pre-dug hole, or you can get a hard plastic pond mold. Speak with your landscaper as to which is best for your property.

A Water Lily Pond

If you like the idea of a pond, but don't want to have to deal with caring for koi (or you're in a part of the country that gets deep freezes) then you can instead have a water lily pond. This can also be used to make an Asian style garden, or you can just have the water lily pond as part of your classical American style backyard. You can have your landscaper pick out aquatic plants, and surround the pond with large river stone, and natural boulders.

An Artificial Waterfall

Maybe you prefer the idea of running water. Lots of people like the sound of running water, be it rainfall, a waterfall, or a babbling brook. One cool way to get this is to effect is to get your landscaper to arrange for an artificial waterfall. These are constructed with a combination of artificial and natural rocks. The water is pumped up via a tube that is hidden by the rock formation. It then cascades down and collects in a catch basin and is recirculated and pumped out the top again. Like the ponds, you can make this as large or as small as you like. It is completely up to you.

To learn more about your options, contact a company like The Hilltop Landscape Architects & Contractors.

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