3 Tips For Xeriscape Landscaping

Xeriscape landscaping is the art of building and maintaining your garden or yard in a way that will not consume much water. It's a style that's becoming more and more popular as homeowners become more conscious of their personal impact on the environment. It can also be a great way to add a unique look to your property that will make you stand out from your neighbors. If you are interested in getting started with xeriscape landscaping, here are three tips that might help.

Find the Right Kind of Grass

The number one source of water consumption on most properties is the lawn. If you are used to running sprinklers to keep your yard looking great, xeriscape landscaping could help you seriously reduce your water bill. In order to accomplish this, you'll want to look into types of grass that require very little water to survive. Buffalo grass and blue grama grass are two leading choices for many xeriscape landscapers. But do your homework and ensure that the type of grass you pick will survive in your local region.

Mulch It Up

Mulch is a key component of many xeriscape yards and gardens. Benefits of mulch include the slowing of water evaporation and the maintaining of a healthy soil temperature. Mulch can also help reduce weeds and other problems from developing. If you're not going to use much grass in your design, mulch can also be a great way to still add a great look to your yard.

Rainwater Recycling

If you really want to use as little water as possible, go out and invest in some rainwater barrels. These will help you preserve some precious water that you can use when you hit a dry spell in the weather. The next time it rains, go outside (with an umbrella if needed) and look up. You want to find any structures on your property that the rain water consistently drains off of. Place a barrel under each spot and after a few rain showers, you'll likely have a decent supply. Keep the barrels closed off, however, if you are not expecting rain as this will help prevent evaporation.

Switching to xeriscape landscaping is a great way to do your part for the environment and it can also be a cool way to add a new look to your property. Most xeriscape lawn designs start with the installation of a grass that requires little water to survive. Use mulch and recycled rainwater further reduce the amount of water you need to get out of the garden hose. For more information, contact a landscaper that specializes in xeriscape landscaping. You can also visit websites like http://bourgetbros.com.

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