Hardwood Floor Refinishing: It's Not as Hard as You Think!

As much as people want to DIY home projects, they let their own misconceptions get in the way. For example, if you have a wood floor and you want to do some hardwood refinishing, you may be worried that this project is too complex. Meaning, you need special sanders and you have to do this-and-that to prepare the floor and sand in between each step. In your mind, you have built this project up to be too complex. Actually, the process isn't as difficult as you think—and here is how you can do it, if you just jump right in.

Sweep & Vacuum the Bare Floor

Before you get started, sweep and vacuum the bare floor. Make sure there are no splinters or small bits of anything on it. Small objects on the floor can cause the sander to grind these into the floor and/or get stuck in the machine.

Rent a Sander That Allows You to Do Several Different Indoor Sanding Jobs at Once

Most construction and DIY rental stores offer a couple of different kinds of floor sanders. DIY blogs will recommend this or that, but with no experience in sanding floors, you should rent the one that does four floor sanding jobs in one. It is very easy to use, and you only have to change the sanding pads with a few passes over your floor. Be sure to buy the extra sanding pads so that you do not have to return to the store to buy them later.

Set up the Sander with the Right Pads

Once you get the sander home, attach the pads to the bottom. If it came with a sanding bag to collect the dust, make sure that it is attached. You will need corner pads and floor pads in different grits. Ask the rental store associate for pad suggestions.

Steps for an Easy Floor Refinishing Experience

Then plug it in and start moving the minute you flick the "on" switch. If you have ever used a carpet cleaning rental machine, you know how to move with the sander. Just move slowly in straight lines, back and forward. Do the entire floor once. 

Next, you will need to switch off the machine and keep moving until the pads stop circulating so that one spot does not get over-sanded. Flip the machine over and attach your corner sanding pads so that you can do the corners of the room. Finally, vacuum the floor once to make sure all the dust is up. Now you are ready to apply a layer of stain, polyurethane, etc. Two coats is standard, but you do have to sand in between.

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