Most Common Questions About Steel Fabrication

Steel fabrication is a process used to cut, bend and shape steel alloy in order to create a product. Many people confuse the welding process with term fabrication, welding is a process that is used to strengthen, repair or combine items, whereas steel fabrication takes several pieces of metal, attaches them together to form a predefined size and shape. The process of steel fabrication requires a technician that is skilled and experienced with turning raw components into marketable items. Steel fabrication is used to create almost everything from paperclips to car parts. If you are new to the wonders of steel fabrication, here are the answers to two the most common asked questions about steel fabrication.

Is Steel Fabrication is Used in the Construction of Buildings?

Fabricated steel, specifically fabricated structural steel is the perfect material choice when it comes to the construction of large structures and buildings. Some of the most common ways that fabricated structural steel is used includes:

  • Industrial buildings-there are several reasons why fabricated structural steel is used for industrial buildings, including the strength, durability, reduced labor costs and the minimization of potential repairs.
  • Large buildings-because of its strength and low weight, it is frequently used for the construction of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. One of the most famous buildings constructed from fabricated steel is the Empire State Building.
  • Residential buildings-from homes to outbuildings, fabricated steel is often used for the framing as well as the walls of many residential buildings.
  • Bridges are often made with fabricated steel because of its strength to weight ratio. The Brooklyn Bridge is a perfect example of a bridge that is made with fabricated steel (the steel wire suspensions).

What are the Benefits of Fabricated Steel?

There are countless reasons why fabricated steel is beneficial when used in the construction arena, including its strength, it is heat resistant, has excellent hardening rates and it has a strong resistance to impact. It is also corrosion resistant and provides an excellent aesthetic appearance.

Steel and fabricated steel products are the heart and soul of many industrial and construction sectors. It is a common product that is found throughout your home and business, in everything from your household grill to your office's parking garage. Not only is fabricated steel commonly used in the field of construction, but it is also frequently used in the energy sector, such as oil and gas platforms, wind turbines and pipelines, in the automotive sector for the manufacturing of auto parts and for ship building.

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