Grab More Attention With A Well-Landscaped Business Sign

Your business's sign is one of the first things customers see, and it makes a huge impression on them — for better or for worse. How can your landscaping boost the look of your signage? Here are five foolproof ways.

Add Color

Bright and colorful plants and flowers draw welcome attention to the sign itself. Ideally, you may want a large swath of similar (or identical) plants to form a large and eye-catching base. Use colors that don't clash with or become absorbed by the colors in the sign or its structure. 

Include Water

Moving water is a good way to draw attention to a static sign. It also makes the sign — and therefore your business — look more expensive and luxurious. A bubbling waterfall adds drama to any signage and can be inexpensive to install and operate. If you want something more formal or something that stands out more, add a small pool and water falling in a sluice or spraying up in a fountain. 

Install Lighting

Don't forget to think about how the sign looks when you're not there. Lighting is important for drawing in customers' interest in the evening and nighttime hours, so make liberal use of it. Lights pointing from the ground into the landscape and onto the sign make a low-profile but effective tool. 

Think About Seasons

Plant flowers and shrubs with an eye to all four seasons. While it's easy to find plenty of summer color, fall and winter are harder to accommodate. There are, though, excellent fall flowers like sedum, pansies, and mums. You could intermingle perennials for different seasons or you may want to use annuals and have your landscape service change them as the seasons pass. If your winters are particularly harsh, you could use evergreens for year-round interest or even opt for mobile containers you can move when things change. 

Keep it Neat

Finally, once you have a great landscape design and an attractive sign, keep it neat and tidy. An unkempt landscape may quickly turn off potential customers. Start with a good, weed-free base, such as landscape cloth, organic mulch, or even pea gravel to reduce weeds in general. Then, keep up with weekly maintenance so that the job doesn't become too big to fit into your schedule. Prune bushes, ground covers, and any trees in the area and remove dead flowers to encourage new growth. 

Ready to get started on your sign's new landscaping? Work with a landscape designer familiar with your climate for the best results. Contact a company like W.H. Boyer, Inc. for more information. Your customers' compliments will be the reward for your hard work. 

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