Why Is So Much Commercial Glass Green?

Green building materials are usually highly desired so that building owners and tenants can save money on energy costs and make the space inside more comfortable. However, much of the environmentally-friendly glass used in commercial spaces is actually green -- it has a green tint caused by the iron oxide content of the sand used to make the glass. While this glass is helpful in terms of bills and energy usage, it's not that good-looking. So, what are your options if you don't want a building that is literally green in color?

Importing Glass

One option is to import glass from Europe, which has a lower iron oxide content. This can be expensive, of course, but it is helpful if you don't want that greenish tint. European buildings have different energy needs than those in, say, central and southern Texas, and the glass used there is manufactured to those standards. The lower iron oxide content in European glass makes the glass clearer and less green in color. But again, this is an expensive option as that glass typically isn't available in the United States.

Careful Placement

Another option is designing the building carefully so that the greenish glass is in areas that aren't as front-and-center to your employees and customers. Higher floors can use it, for example, or glass for windows and doors along the sides and back of the building. Clear, uncolored glass could be used for the front doors and very front windows.

Rethinking Plans

If your building is still in the planning stages, another option is to ask for plans that do not incorporate so much glass. While these all-glass buildings look very modern and offer users a lot of natural light, many occupants in these buildings leave blinds closed for much of the day anyway. Those views and natural light have no real effect. Having a glass front door is still a good idea because that lets people outside the building see in and see how easy it will be to access wherever they need to go inside the building. But for upper floors, you have a lot more flexibility.

A decorative front door with lots of glass can really set the tone for your building. And, that front-door glass doesn't have to have a greenish tint that literally colors everyone's views of the building. When it comes time to choose the style of door, you'll find many available that create a sense of welcoming and efficiency.

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