Three Ways Your Commercial Roof Should Be Cared For

The commercial roof on your business protects your equipment, machinery, inventory, and other assets as well as you and your employees. Because the roof is such an important component of a commercial building, it's important it's properly maintained. Here is what you should know about caring for your commercial roofing.

Your Commercial Roof Should Be Cleaned Quarterly

You'd be surprised at the amount of both inorganic and organic debris that can end up on a flat roof. Pigeons and other birds bring scraps of refuse to add to their roosts and nests. Animal activity can attract other critters such as rodents. They also leave plenty of organic matter behind! Summer thunderstorms deposit all kinds of things, from kites to branches to laundry lines, and of course, autumn brings tons of leaves. In winter, ice and snow buildup. In areas that receive heavy snowfall, your commercial roof may need to be check more than once during the winter season. Snow and ice can be extremely heavy and should not be allowed to accumulate.

If debris is allowed to accumulate, it can clog your roof's drainage system. This can lead to water problems, which in turn will cause even more issues. Therefore, your flat roof must be cleaned every few months or as needed.

Your Commercial Roof Should Be Inspected Biannually

Your roof should be inspected for issues twice a year. The best time to schedule these inspections is in late winter or spring and then again in fall. A spring inspection will allow the contractors to check for any damage that may have been caused over the winter and give them plenty of good summer weather to make repairs. Another inspection in late autumn will provide enough time to perform any necessary maintenance tasks and make sure the roof is in good shape for another impending winter season. Your commercial roofing contractor will inspect things like the metal flashing, which prevents water from seeping in, the seams, where two pieces come together, and any openings, such as where vents are installed.

Your Commercial Roof Should Be Secured

Don't forget to make sure access to your roof is limited only to those who need to go out there. Most flat roofs are not made to support a lot of people walking on them, and your roof can be a potentially liability if someone were to hurt themselves on it. You don't want your employees going out on the roof to have lunch, make phone calls, or sneak a smoke break. Discuss keeping access to your roof off-limits with commercial roofing contractors like Danny Odom & Son Roofing.

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