4 Style Options For Outdoor Storm Shutters

Outdoor shutters provide a few different benefits for your home. They can enhance the visual beauty and style of your home. Outdoor shutters can also protect your home in the event of a storm. You can shut your shutters, and protect your windows from getting damaged, and thus your home from getting damaged as well. When it comes to selecting shutters for the outside of your home, you have a few different style options.

Style Option #1: Louvered

Louvered shutters have a very low-key look to them. With louvered shutters, the shutters themselves are angled. They are angled so that light can get through the shutters and promote the flow of air through the shutters. Louvered style of shutters works well on a variety of home styles, such as ranch, Cape Cod, Georgian and Victorian homes. They can also look nice on more ornate styled homes, such as Greek Revival or Italianate style homes. 

Style Option #2: Raised Panel

Raised panel shutters look really similar to the doors found on most kitchen cabinets. The panel in the middle is raised, with a frame around the raised middle panel that is lower than the frame around the outer edge. This style of shutter is so basic and simple that it can work with pretty much any style of home. Raised panel shutters don't take away from other design elements.

Style Option #3: Bahama

Bahama shutters are a type of louvered shutter that has slates that open to allow in light and air. However, instead of being attached to the side of windows like traditional louvered shutters, they are attached to the top of the window. These types of shutters are more often than not installed not just for their beautify, but as a means to protect windows in areas with lots of storms. Bahama shutters are also referred to as Bermuda shutters.

This style of shutters is a little more detailed, and don't look good on all styles of homes. They tend to look best on Ranch, Cape Cod, and cottage-style homes.

Style Option #4: Board and Batten

Board and Batten shutters, or B and B shutters as they are commonly called, have a more rustic look to them. The shutters are made up of vertical boards, with two to three horizontal boards that run across the shutters, holding them together. This more basic and rustic look works best with homes that have a French Country, Mediterranean, or Cape Cod design style.

When it comes to protecting your windows from storm damage, you have a few different style options for outdoor storm shutters. Choose a style that works with your home and will protect your home if necessary.

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