6 Fresh Remodeling Ideas For Your Home

If you're ready to breathe some new life into your home, you may be looking for some fresh ideas. A remodeling contractor can implement a lot of different ideas, and here are 6 you'll want to consider.

Bringing More Natural Light Indoors

There are lots of ways to get more natural light into a house. At the low end, there are simple solutions like putting up mirrors near large windows. Bigger mirrors hung from walls may require extra reinforcement. Another solution is to put in larger windows. Folks interested in ultramodern ideas may want to look at using fiber optic light fixtures that can bring natural light in from roof-mounted solar collectors.

Open Floorplans

You don't have to live in a studio-style apartment to get an open floorplan. While a renovation contractor has to be mindful of interior support beams, there are still plenty of ways to open things up. Simply knocking out a way often works, but you can also take out part of the wall. This is a great way to create a counter or island that acts as a boundary between a kitchen and a dining room, for example. It also turns the previous area where the wall was into usable serving space.


Everything old will be new again, and mid-century modern is a very appealing look. It favors open designs, simple fixtures and furnishings, smooth edges and relatively low-cost materials. You don't have to go full bakelite, and can instead dial things into whatever meets your sensibilities.


Why settle for the amount of square footage you currently have? Creating an addition to the kitchen or a bedroom can make a house much roomier. If you're not inclined toward a major change in the footprint of a home, you may consider just putting in a bay window that extends out from the wall. This will make the house more architecturally interesting, and it's a great place to put a seating area or plants.

Paint and Trim

Not all remodeling ideas call for breaking out a sledgehammer. There's a lot to be said for pulling up old trim and replacing it with something fresh. Similarly, just repainting a room is a great way to give it more life.


Few things date a room like a ceiling fan or a fireplace. Replacing or updating these items will allow you to modernize a home without going all-in on a remodel.

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