DIY Branch Cutting And Branch Collar Damage: Why It Might Harm Your Trees

If a few of your trees' branches appear overgrown, tangled, or downright messy, you may think it's okay to cut the branches yourself. Although it's perfectly okay to remove small twigs from your trees during the year, you don't want to cut the branches yourself. If you chop too close to the trees' trunks, you might harm your trees instead. Learn more about branch collar damage and how to avoid it below.

What's Branch Collar Damage?

When branches grow out of a tree's trunk, they form notches or "bumps" called branch collars (or callus roll). Branch collars allow branches to receive water and nutrients directly from the tree itself. Collars generally contain cells that help trees and their branches heal when damaged. The cells form thick calluses or extra tissue in the branch collar to ensure that wounds heal properly. If you accidentally or purposely cut too close to the collar or trunk, you can injure or damage the branch collar permanently.  

Trees that have damaged branch collars can gradually succumb to disease and insects. Some trees may even perish if they lose their protective collars. You can keep your trees healthy and well-protected by having a tree trimmer or service provider trim your branches. 

What Might You About Your Branches Instead?

A tree trimmer will use the correct and most precise methods available to trim your unruly tree branches. The first thing a trimmer might do is assess the collars on your trees. It's important to know where the collars begin and where they end on the trunk. This helps protects the trunk from disease and infection.

A tree servicer may also check the condition of the branches before taking action. If the branches are large, heavy, or in great distress, a trimmer may need to attach cables around the branches to remove them safely. A contractor may take other precautions during the pruning stage. 

If your tree branches show signs of severe insect damage, infection, or disease, a contractor may inspect the trunk and other parts of the tree. Some tree infections and diseases can hide in the trunk and infect the rest of the tree later, including gall and canker. A contractor can help you determine the best course of action to save your trees during the assessment.

You can learn about branch collar damage and how to prevent it in your trees by consulting a tree trimming contractor like Pete & Ron's Tree Service, Inc. today.

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