3 Reasons Your Washing Machine Is Making Strange Sounds

Your washing machine should make a pleasant cycle of sounds, as it releases water, spins the clothing, and drains the water out of the machine. If you suddenly notice a sound that seems a little out of the normal, you are going to want to investigate what is causing the sound.

Reason #1: Clogged Drain Line

When your drain line gets clogged, you may hear a gurgling sound from your washing machine. It will sound kind of like water is bubbling up or struggling to go down the drain. This sound occurs when your drain line is not fully blocked but is partially clogged.

If you hear a gurgling sound, you need to check the drain hose for a clog. The drain hose may have some lint clogging it up, or an object may be stuck in the drain hose. You can detach the drain hose from your washing machine when not in use and flush water down it to clean it. You can also use a thin wire or drain snake to clear the clog.

Reason #2: Object in Washer Drain

In your washing machine, there is a drain cover. When an object gets stuck on the drain cover, it can create a clicking sound. As the object hits against the cover, again and again, it will create a clicking sound.

This sound can be caused by a coin that gets stuck by the drain cover or another small object. If you hear a clicking sound, check and see if a loose object is near the drain cover or floating around the washing machine.

Reason #3: Pump Damage

If your washing machine is making either a loud humming sound or a loud buzzing sound, something is wrong with your pump. There may be a random object stuck in the pump, or a part of the pump may be malfunctioning.

You are going to need to open your washing machine and check out what is happening with the pump. You may need some professional assistance to figure out what is happening with your pump. It may be as simple as something got stuck in your pump, or as complex as changing a belt on your pump.

If you can't figure out why your washing machine is making strange sounds when you run it, it is time to bring in a professional to fix your washing machine. They should be able to quickly pinpoint what is wrong with your washing machine, provide you with a quote, and fix your machine on-the-spot during the service call. If you search for appliance replacement parts, make sure you go to reputable providers.

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